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Choosing Ringtones For Your Cell Phone  


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Did you know that many cell phones come equipped with pre-installed ringtones? A ringtone is actually the sound created by a cell phone to indicate a text message or an incoming call. Not physically an actual tone nor a sound anymore, the word is commonly used to describe customizable sounds often used on cell phones. Since almost every cell phone has at least one built-in ringtone, learning how to turn these sounds off can also be important in protecting your cell phone and making it more user-friendly.

Ringtones for phones are available in a wide array of categories, from those that are free and open to those that cost money. Ringtones that cost money are often considered by owners as being better quality than free ringtones. But just because they cost money doesn't mean that they are obnoxious or irritating. In fact, some of the ringtones available on phones today are so subtle and calming that they can be used while someone is driving or at work and not disturb the user at all.

Free ring tones have come a long way since their early days of being just basic sounds, but they still fall into one of two categories: monophonic ringtones and polyphonic ringtones. Monophonic ringtones lack the variety that is available on polyphonic ringtones, which means that there are a limited number of types of sounds that can be played. Monophonic ringtones are also commonly less expensive than polyphonic ringtones. These days however, ringtones from cell phone manufacturers such as Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, and LG offer varying amounts of ringtones in their library that can be purchased for a low cost.

An example of a ringtone download for a cell phone that is relatively inexpensive is the "stock" ringtone app for iPhone and Android. This iPhone ringtone is perfect for a business that works the night shift, as it plays a slow, mellow ring every morning to alert the user that it's time to get up and ready for work. If you're looking for an excellent ringtone for a cell phone that's inexpensive, then this iPhone ringtone is perfect for you. The ringtones inside this iPhone ringtone app are all "stock", so all you need to do is turn them on and they play automatically when your phone rings. There are dozens of ringtones to choose from, and each one is based on a relaxing sequence that plays.

For a ringtone that is a little more upbeat, but still in the same genre, you might want to try downloading the "ringtone universe" app for your phone. This iPhone ringtone app features over forty different songs and can be customized with text messages and phone calls. Unlike other ringtone apps that you buy, this one has a great deal of creativity and variety, and the ringtones inside it are specifically designed to be listening with your headphones on or while you drive the car. The ringtones in this app are perfect for all of the driving teens on your list, and it's also a good idea to use it as a ringback for your incoming calls.

If you're looking for a ringtone that is a bit more serious, then your best bet is probably the monophonic ringtone. The sound of a monophonic ringtone is much crisper and louder than the softer tones of other ringtones. The ringtones inside of this type of ringtone are also much less repetitive. It's kind of like if you're trying to turn an electric violin into a cello, or something similar. Monophonic ringtones are great for people who have a serious music taste, as the only thing that distinguishes them from any other ringtone is the pitch.

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